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主演:朱莉娅·奥蒙德 本·巴恩斯 塞巴斯蒂安·阿梅斯托 杰迈玛·卢珀 弗勒尔·基思 阿历克斯·杰宁斯 妮基·阿姆卡-伯德 朱莉亚·麦肯齐 印迪卡·沃森 Katie Clarkson-Hill 埃琳娜·沙雷 大卫·艾弗里 泰·赫尔利 Kate Kennedy Archie Renaux Karla-Simone Spence William Vasey Tylan Bayram 

更新时间:2019-11-13 05:10:06

简介: Julia Day (Julia Ormond) wakes up on her 60th birthday alone. The first she’s spent by herself in the 35 years she was married to Ted (Alex Jennings), before he left her. Determined to have a good day, Julia leaves her Devon home and heads to London to celebrate with her children - but one by one they let her down. Leo (Archie Renaux), her youngest, simply because he forgets. Della (Jemima Rooper), her only daughter, marooned abroad and guilt-stricken, and her firstborn Patrick (Sebastian Armesto) who is struggling to maintain a hectic work and home life - all whilst fighting an attraction to a colleague. Feeling adrift, Julia’s at a low ebb when she happens upon a young man in a museum, Benjamin (Ben Barnes). The pair get talking and before she’s quite sure what’s happening they’re beginning a whirlwind romance. All that’s left to do - introduce him to her children. But they are suspicious of this younger man’s motives, and soon start plotting how to remove him. Pictured: Julia Day (Julia Ormond), Benjamin (Ben Barnes)